Water solubilization

Water-insoluble material are processed into water-soluble material by emulsification technology. This enables oil and other hydrophobic materials to be added to drinks, jellies and general food. If the finalproduct needs to be transparent, a soluble formulation is designed.

Summaries of product characteristics

  • Easily dissolves in water.
  • By nano-emulsion technology, the formulation dissolves clearly in water.
  • Application to drinks and jellies are available.
O/W Emulsion
  • An O/W emulsion is a liquid formation in which oil or hydrophobic material is evenly dispersed in water.
Production lot
  • Test production: 100g-
  • Manufacturing: 50kg-

Example: CoenzymeQ10 Emulsion 10%

Bioavailability of CoenzymeQ10 Emulsion 10%

Rats were fasted for 16 hours, then were given "CoenzymeQ10 Emulsion 10%" or CoQ10 bulk powder by oral ingestion (60mg/kgbw CoQ10).
For each rat, blood concentration of CoQ10 was measured by time (see figure, n = 6).
"CoenzymeQ10 Emulsion 10%" showed significantly higher value of both AUC and Cmax, therefore has higher bioavailability than CoQ10 bulk powder.

Our product line-up

  • CoenzymeQ10 Emulsion 10%
  • CoenzymeQ10 Emulsion 10% NA
  • α-Lipoic Acid Solution 10%
  • α-tocopherol Emulsion 10%
  • γ-tocopherol Emulsion 15%
  • Policosanol Emulsion 3.4%
  • Lyc-O-Mato Emulsion 0.5%
  • Astaxanthin Emulsion 1%
  • Resveratrol Solution 0.2%
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