Water dispersion / suspension

By processing materials into nano-sized particles, water-insoluble material are formulated into stable suspensions. Using this technology, hydrophobic solid materials can be added to drinks, jellies and other various food.

Summaries of product characteristics

  • Stably dispersible in water.
  • Least amount of emulsifier needed; prevents foaming and bad taste.
  • High concentration available.
  • By spray-drying this formulation, dispersible powders are available.
Nano-sized particles

Hydrophobic solid materials are processed into nano-sized particles by technologies such as wet grinding mills. By surface treating these particles, the material can be dispersed stably in water.

Production lot
  • Test production:1kg-
  • Manufacturing:50kg-

Example: Curcumin Dispersion-Liquid 20%

Light resistant test of Curcumin Dispersion-Liquid 20%

"Curcumin Dispersion-Liquid 20%" dilute solution was prepared (curcumin content: 20mg/100g).
The solution was transfered into a transparent glass bottle, heat sterilized for 10 min. at 95 deg.C, and stored at 25 deg.C at 3,000 Lux illuminance. The curcumin content was determined over time by absorptiometry method.
[Equivalent day count = 3,000 (Lux) x irradiation time (hr) / 5,000 (Lux*hr)]
Control: A curcumin emulsion (1% curcumin content, average particle size 60nm) was prepared, and its curcumin content was determined by the same method.

"Curcumin Dispersion-Liquid 20%" showed higher light stability than the emulsion type (see figure).

Our product line-up

  • Curcumin Dispersion-Liquid 20%
  • Curcumin Water-Dispersible Powder 15%
  • Phytosterol Dispersion-Liquid 20%
  • Sesamin Dispersion-Liquid 10%
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