Oil coating

This technology enables masking of bad taste and odor, or improving flowability by coating 10 through 20% vegetable oil to the surface of the powder.

Summaries of product characteristics


By applying vegetable oil to the surface of the powder,
features such as below are available;

  • avoid chemical reactions with other ingredients
  • delay dissolution rates in water and other liquids
  • mask bad taste and odor
Production lot
  • Test production: 100g-
  • Manufacturing: 200㎏-

Example: Vitacoat C-95

  • Moderates tartness
  • Prevents reaction with other ingredients

Our product line-up

  • Vitacoat C-95
  • Vitacoat C-90
  • Vitacoat C-70
  • Coated MSM 90%
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