Oil solubilization

Hydrophilic material are processed into oil-soluble formulations by emulsification and dispersion technologies. In this way, hydrophilic material can be added to soft capsules and oily food, such as butter.

Summaries of product characteristics

  • With oil solubilization, hydrophilic material can be added to oil.
  • May be applied to oily material, such as shortening.

Example: CoenzymeQ10 Emulsion 10%

Material: Ascorbyl palmitate Product name: VCP-10

VCP-10 is an antioxidant containing ascorbyl palmitate.
Not only does it prevent oxidation of oil products, it also prevents oxidation of the final product.

Examples of application

Categories Materials Functions
Hydrophilic vitamins Vitamin C Nutrient-enhancement,
antioxidation of lipids
Organic acid Gallic acid Antioxidation of lipids
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